Quick facts on Bail Bonds San Antonio

A financial promise that is made to the court that ensures the defendant’s presence in court hearings is called a bail bond.

If the defendant doesn’t meet all the requirements of their bond with the court, they will get a warrant for an arrest and the bail bond gets revoked.


Where a Person Posts Bail Bonds

Majority of jails and courts will take bail at any time of the year regardless of holidays.


The Price of Posting Bail Bonds

A lot of bail bond fees will be at about a tenth of the entire bail’s cost.

The fees are set by the companies and then they are regulated by the Department of Insurance.


The Requirements to Secure Bail Bonds

Besides being required to pay for premium, you’ll also have to present IDs or personal identification like proof of employment.

The bail bondsman will also require some information about you such as your birthday, your social security number, your address, etc., to help them see if you are worthy of the responsibilities of being a co-signer.


Who’s Responsible for paying for the Bail Bond

Someone who’s seen as financially responsible for the bail bond is a co-signer.

Paying for the full value of a bail bond is the job of an indemnitor.

It’s crucial that the co-signer knows that they can trust the defendant to show up to court hearings, otherwise it would not be ideal for them to post bail for the defendant.


Can I have Premium refunded?

When the bail gets posted and accepted by a court, the liability will be taken on the bail bond.

Bail premium gets earned afterwards and it can’t be returned.


The Validity of Bail Bonds

The validity of the bail bond lasts until the cases has finished or the bond gets terminated.


When Bail bonds Finish

When the court case has finished, the bail bound will be exonerated.
Documentation will be required to show proof that the case is closed, therefore the bail bond is no longer valid.


What if I Don’t Pay a Bail Agent

A lot of bondsmen need premium and a proof like a receipt for collateral before being able to post the bond, although there are some who will accept payments or premium or will post the bond before getting the collateral.

This leads to a potential risk for the bail bond agent to not get any money.

It can vary depending on what agreement was made with a bail agent, the non refundable premium, not meeting your collateral, etc., but there is a potential risk of getting rearrested.


When Do I Get refunded for my Bail Bond

As long as you have been able to meet the full amount for bail, the court will give you back the money after the hearings are over as long as you’ve attended all of the hearings.

If you chose a bail bond agency to help you post a bond, the agency will be the one to pay for the first bail bond amount.

Both the defendant and indemnitor are in liable to the bail bond agency to pay for premium along with any other potential fees required by said agency.

Whether the case gets dropped, guilty, or innocent, this will always stay the same.