Quick Facts about Bail Bonds Sacramento

You might find yourself or a friend or relative being faced with charges that could potentially get them imprisoned.

The charges could be either civil or criminal cases, but if there is an option to post bail, most people will definitely take it.

However, not everyone will be able to pay for the entire amount required for bail on their own, since they can be very high.

Thankfully, you can access bail bonds Sacramento to get the financial aid that you need to pay for bail.

However before you get a bail bond, here are some quick facts that you need to know about what they are and how they work.


What’s a Bail Bond?

A bail is a certain amount of money that will be predetermined by the judge at a defendant’s court hearing.

This is only if the court case will be bailable, as not all court cases are bailable, for example certain accounts of murder may be non-bailable offenses.

Bail will allow you to be released from jail and not face punishment, however there are some cases where you will have to be imprisoned for a certain amount of time and then you will be allowed to pay bail but that depends on the sentence.

A bail bond is a type of bond or loan given by a person such as a bail bondsman. It will be used to secure the release of the person facing potential charges.


How Does a Bail Bond Work Exactly?

Once a judge has given an amount for how much the bail will be, the defended can start looking for financial assistance from a bail bondsman.

Not many people can realistically pay for the entire amount for bail on their own, so getting help from a bail bondsman is a good way to avoid facing prison.

To start posting a bail bond, you will have to give the bondsman about 10% of the total amount of the bail as a payment.

Afterwards, the rest of the loan will be secured by the bondsman by requesting you to give him the rest of the 90% through the form of collateral.

Collateral can come in many forms of property, which can range from anywhere to jewelry to homes.

If you are unable to give property that would equivalent to the amount of the 90%, you can ask a relative or one of your friends for their property for your bail bond.

The rest of it will be dependent on the case itself. After being released, if you appear in the court proceedings, you will get the collateral back.

The bail bondsman will also keep the 10% that was given earlier and it will be how he earns from his work for you.

However if you fail to show up at the court hearings the bondsman will use the collateral that you had placed down and they will give it to the court.

Finding a bail bondsman for bail bonds Sacramento is a good idea if you need more funds to pay off your loan.

Just remember to make sure that you have learned more about bail bonds using the information above before getting one.