The Different Types of Ohio Bail Bonds

It is not uncommon for people wanting to pay for bail rather than staying in jail while they wait for their court hearings.

Having to stay in jail while waiting for the court hearing to start can be quite stressful. No one wants to see their loved ones sleep in a cold jail cell until they can see them again.

If you are allowed to post bail, which can happen anytime after your arrest, you can let your loved one stay in the safety of their own home while they wait for their court hearing.

However realistically, many people cannot afford to pay for the bail on their own because the bail can easily reach amounts of $5,000 and more.

However, waiting for court dates in jail can really take a toll on someone. If you want to get Ohio bail bonds, here are four of the most common types of bail bond services that you can get.


Own Recognizance

This a type of bail that is considered no-cost. This means that the person accused of a crime will sign a form or contract that promises that they will attend the court hearings so they will not have to pay for anything.

However, this is only common to get if the person was charged with a minor misdemeanor, such as petty theft.

Additionally, they will also take a look at the person’s character and what kind of past they had before they will offer this type of bail.

They will look at records, family members, and if they have a job.

The defendant may also ask someone in a respectable position, such as their boss or religious leader, to make a positive statement about them to the judge.

You will still be charged with the same offenses. However all you have to do is attend the hearings that you are summoned to, avoid any other crimes along with drugs and alcohol because people will check up on you.


A Cash Bond

persons payment for cash by money

Many people will be able to pay for their bail amount in full. However, there is a catch to this option. You are only allowed to pay for this type of bail bond in cash, so checks and credit cards will not be considered as accepted ways to pay for the entire amount.

However, if you are able to actually pay for the entire amount of cash and you make it a point to never miss a summoning for court hearings, you will be able to get back a big amount of the money you originally gave.

This will not dependant on what the final decision of the court is. Even if the defendant is imprisoned, they will be allowed to get the money back.

However, if you miss a date, the court can keep the money.


A Property Bond

This type of bond uses the set amount of bail value with property. Property can range from anywhere between real estate to jewelry and even stocks.

However, this requires a lot of paperwork such as a deed for warranty, along with a current tax statement, amongst other things. If the property is owned by more than a single person, there will also have to be proof given that the other owners give their consent that the property be allowed to be used to pay for the bail bond.

The defendant has to be quite sure that they show up in court when they are needed, because the property such as the house will be taken and put on foreclosure and still collect whatever amount of bail needs to be paid, especially if the property’s value does not reach the same amount as the bail.


A Bonding Company

Bail bonds services are popular and common types of bail financing that many people take on. Basically, the bondsman from a bond company will be the one who can post bail for the person who is facing charges.

Normally, they will ask you to pay them a fee that will not be refunded, and it will be anywhere from 10-15% of what your bail amount is.

Afterwards, many of the bondsmen will require you to put up a property for the rest of the required bail amount.

However, if you are able to attend the court hearings, you will be able to get the property back and the 10-15% will be kept by the bondsman.

A bail bond can be the best way to help keep your loved one from sleeping in a dreary jail cell while they wait for the court date to arrive.

Learn what kind of bail bond you could potentially get by reading the four most common types mentioned above.