Bail Bonds Miami

When a person gets arrested, he has to undergo the due process. In addition, he can file for bail so he can go out of court before trial.

However, this would only be allowed if the person is charged for minor crimes. The person being arrested has to appear in court and post bail.

But for heinous crimes, the court does not allow bail which means that the person will stay in jail until the trial finally starts. Every state varies when it comes to legal procedures of posting bail.


What Happens If You Cannot Pay the Bail?

For people who can afford to pay the bail, they can just pay it and they can have temporary freedom while the trial process is still ongoing.

The question is, what if you cannot pay the bail? In most cases, bail amounts can be quite expensive and you may not have that much cash like for instance $5000 to pay for the bail.

This is where a licensed bail bondsman comes in. They are the ones who put up the full bail amount in exchange for a one-time fee.

For instance, the full amount of bail is $5,000. If you do not have immediate cash, the bail bondsman can pay the full amount but you need to pay him the fee for his service.

Instead of the person waiting or to be placed into jail, many opt to seek out a bail bond agency so the person is released immediately.

Who is a Licensed Bail Bondsman?

Not everyone can be a bail bondsman. They need to undergo training and licensing before they can do the work.

How does one become a licensed bail bondsman in Miami?  First step is that the person needs to meet the qualifications.

You need to complete a 120-hour basic certification course from a bond school that is state approved. Once you have completed the course, the next step is for you to apply for licensure.

You have to apply for a Limited Surety Agent Temporary License through the DFS Website.

Take the time to read the complete instructions alongside all the necessary documents that you have to submit, like fingerprint, certificates, criminal history record, etc.

After reviewing the requirements and documents that you have submitted, you will get the temporary license term. But this does not end here. You still need to get the final examination and pass.


How Long Does It Take?

The moment you are arrested, you will undergo the so-called ”booking passes”. The time that this particular process will take depends whether the jail is busy.

The process usually takes about 1 to 3 hours but it depends on where you are arrested and there are cases where in it can take as long as more than 10 hours.

In cases where you are arrested for DUI, a police officer can hold you until your alcohol level finally drops below a certain level.

The bad news is that even the bail bondsman doesn’t have any control as to how long they can hold you.


Choosing a Bail Bondsman in West Palm Beach

Do you need to post bail? You will have to contact a bail bondsman to help you. When it comes to finding a bail bondsman, you have several options.


Here are some quick tips to when getting a bail bondsman.

  • The bail bondsman should be licensed.

They need to be professional bail bondsmen who know the criminal justice system in Florida.

  • They should be reliable.

Serving warrant of arrest or getting arrested on the spot can happen anytime and anywhere.

  • They should be available 24 hours a day.

The bail bondsman should be readily available at anytime of the day or even at night.

However, finding a reliable bail bondsman is not the final thing that you have to do period for as long as you have pending court dates that you need to attend, you are accountable to the bail bondsman.

The job of a bail bondsman is to make sure that you always show up for your trial. When you don’t show up for your scheduled trial, a bail bondsman can actually even arrest you.

The bail bond system is straight-forward. They make the bond really expensive so the person is compelled to appear in court for his/her trial.