Bail Bonds Houston – What are bail bonds exactly?

When a bail is set for a person held in jail, there are three options to choose from.
One is to wait in jail until the court case is over.

Another is to pay a cash bail which it the full amount of bail set in order to obtain release from jail during the court case.

The last is to get a surety bond company to post a bail bond on your stead.

Bail bonds cost only a percentage of the entire amount of bail.

To post a bail bond, you can just contact any of our bond agents to get the full details.


How do bail bonds work?

A person can be released from prison by posting bail.

Bail is money or assets of value that you give to the court as a promise to make your court appointed appearances.

You can get your bail money back as long as you make your scheduled court appearance.

It you don’t appear in court as scheduled, the court will keep your bail money and might also issue an arrest warrant that can have you brought back in jail.


What will the cost of bail be?

The amount of bail will depend if you have criminal charges, city warrants, or Justice of the Peace charges.


Will I be needing collateral?

You don’t usually need collateral.
If you aren’t sure if collateral is needed or not for your bond, you can speak directly to a bond agent.


What are the forms of collateral?

Collateral can be anything of value that you own and can be resold.

Acceptable forms of collateral can include cash or valuable property you give to a surety bond company.

A person’s collateral is held to ensure the bail amount if they don’t show up when they need to in court or if the bond premium has not yet been paid.


What indemnitors do

An indemnitor or a co-signer is someone who will be financially responsible for the payment of the full bond amount in the event the defendant fails to appear in court and does not show up again.

An indemnitor also has to pay for any incurring costs that are due because of a defendant’s absence in court.

All indemnitors are liable if there are more than one.
This means that the money will have to come from one or all of them.


What will happen if the defendant doesn’t show up in court?

The bond agent will be notified and a warrant of arrest will be issued by the court for a defendant’s failure to appear in his or her trial dates.


What is the charge of a bond agent?

A person will have to pay a portion of the total bond amount plus other expenses brought about by the transaction.

A judge will determine how much the bail bond will be.


How long will the releasing of a defendant from jail be?

Once the jail receives our bond, it takes about 8-12 hours for a person’s release.
Generally, it will take longer if the holding facility is a busy one.