Cons of Bail Bonds Greensboro NC

If they are given the option to do so, posting bail is something that many people will definitely opt for.

However, how much do you actually know about posting bail and Bail Bonds Greensboro NC? You need to learn as much information about things, especially when it is regarding finances, before you sign off on it.

To help you see if it is the right choice for you, there are potential disadvantages that you might come across when you get with bail bonding.


They Aren’t Free of Charges

A big misconception that many people have about getting bail is that they will be free of any criminal charges they had been arrested for in the first place.

When you post bail, this means that you have to pay a certain amount of money to stay out of jail while still attending your hearings.

Therefore, the judge has not made their decision to decide whether the defendant is innocent or guilty, so they are simply waiting for the judge to choose and not stay in jail while waiting.

Court hearings are often spread out far apart from one other and they can take as long as up to several months, which is why many people would prefer to stay out of jail while waiting to attend their hearings.


Bail Must Be Paid In One Go

A big issue that people have to face is the payment plan for bail. Most forms of bail do not accept checks and will not do installment plans.

They want cash up front and in full. Bail is also rather expensive and most people do not have lots of money lying around. This is why many people get bail bonds from bail bondsmen.

They just charge a fee and will cover the rest of the bail. A bail bondsman just charges 15% or less of how much the bail of the defendant is set at.


You Could Lose Your Property

Most bail bondsmen will ask you to put up collateral for 85-90% of the bail amount.

Collateral will be taken out in the form of property that is under your title, the defendants title, or anyone’s title who is willing to place it on collateral.

Property can be your car, home, precious jewelry, or even stocks that you buy. You will get the collateral returned to you if the defendant has been able to successfully appear to each of his court hearings.

However, the bail bondsmen will be the ones to give the property that you placed to the court if they don’t show up and it cancel out your loved one’s bail, they will have to go back to jail.

Before you agree to anything, you should always do as much research on it as possible.

Bail and bail bonds are a great option for many people, however you have to be aware of the things that could make you have more trouble than what it is worth.