What the Deal is With Bail Bonds Fort Worth

A bail bond acts as a form of insurance where a bail agency will promise the court the accused person will return to the court whenever needed.

The bail bond will never be in danger as long as the defendant shows up to court.
If a person doesn’t go to court when summoned, the bail bond agency will get informed.

A bail bond company has to place the defendant back in jail if they don’t go to court.

A bail bond company will have to pay the full amount of bail to the court if they cannot place the defendant into custody.


What does a Bail Bond Agent Offer

A bail bondsman is a person who works in a bail bond agency to pledge money or collateral to post bail and in exchange they promise the defendant’s presence in court.


How Long Do I wait to Bail a Person out of Jail

Once a person gets arrested, the arresting officer will take them to a police station to complete the entire arresting process.

A person can start posting bail once the entire arresting process is complete.


What’s a cosigners Job

A bail bond co-signer is a person who will be taking responsibility for the defendant and their appearances at court.


How to calculate Bail

A judge will choose how much the bail will be based on the case itself and other elements.

The factors can be things such as the crime itself, the danger the defendant has amongst other people, how much the defendant can afford, and past criminal history.


The Rights of Bail After Arrest

You are always allowed to get bail besides those have committed capital offenses in Texas.

The American Constitution states that you are protected from too much bail, therefore the price of bail is reasonable for the crime.


The Fees for Bail Bonds

Bail costs can vary depending on the case, so bail bonds themselves can change as well.

Typically, you can expect to pay 10% of the bail for premium.

Premium can be more expensive or lower depending on some elements, but you should contact a bail bondsman to know for sure.


What If I Can’t Afford Bail Bonds?

If you can’t pay for premium to secure the bond, there are other payment options that we offer to allow more flexibility regarding installments.


What’s the Lowest Price for Bail Bonds

Typically, the lowest rate that you will see is 10% however this will vary depending on the risk of the bond and the defendant.


Who’s at fault if the Defendant doesn’t go to Court

It is crucial that you attend your court hearings, otherwise bail will be immediately forfeited.

A co-signer will be in charge of paying for your entire bail amount, which includes things such as an investigator and other associated fees.