The Process of Florida Bail Bonds

When a person violates a law, he or she can be arrested depending on the circumstances.

Either the police officer serves a warrant of arrest or the prisoner is caught doing the criminal act right there and then.

Since the legal system provides due process for people who have not yet received the final verdict, they may have temporary freedom provided with post bail.

However, this is not as easy as that. Most of the time, the amount of bail that you have to pay is really high.

The amount differs depending on the criminal charge. For instance, smaller crimes will require you to pay lesser amount.

But for heinous crimes, there are certain criminal charges where you are not allowed to bail. How does the Florida bail bond process work?


Know More About Bail Bonds

What are bail bonds and how do they work? It is actually pretty much straight forward.

If you are arrested and you find yourself behind bars, you have to appear in court to know whether or not you’ll be allowed to be out of jail until your trial starts.

People who are charged with heinous crimes are not granted to have any bail at all.

The judge will decide the amount of bail to ensure that you attend the trial and you do not just attempt to run away.

For example, if the criminal charge filed against you is a minor offence, you can expect you bill to be around $20,000.

If you have that cash right away, you can just pay the full amount in court. When you show up for your trial, the bond that you paid will be returned to you in full amount.

What happens if you don’t appear for your scheduled court hearing? You will lose the full bail amount.

The bill can be really expensive to the point that even if it is available, it can still be a big problem for those who are being held in jail since they do not have immediate cash that they can use to pay for the whole amount.


Bail Bond Agency in State of Florida

With the huge amount of money that you need to be able to have in order for you to post a bond, it is very important that you find a certified and reliable bail bonding agency.

Working with them allows you to undergo to be a bond prices without having a hard time. In Fort Lauderdale, there are many bill bonding agencies that are available 24 hours a day. They have bill bond agents who will post a bond on your behalf.


How does this process work?

When you are arrested, you need to go through the booking process. It won’t be a problem if you have immediate cash since you can just pay the full amount of money.

But if you are asked to raise a huge amount, then you need the help of a bail bondsman. For example, you are charged for a criminal offence and the amount of bail is $5,000.

If you cannot afford to pay the full amount, the bail bonds man will have to pay the amount but you need to pay that person $500.

Then in return, the bail bonds agent will make sure that you appear for your trial date.

In cases where the amount of bond that you have the pay is extremely huge, the bondsman can actually ask for security.

In other words, you may have to give collateral or any of your asset that is equal to the bond amount.

You will have to talk terms and officially sign a contract stating that you are using your asset as collateral for the bail bond.

And if you attempt to escape or miss your court hearings, the bail bondsman can actually capture the asset that is used as collateral.

Once your trial starts, the bill bandsman has the responsibility to ensure that you report where you are and provide information on your activities.

If you run away, the bail bondsman can seize your property and also arrest you, not to mention the additional charges that you may have to face since you also breached the contract with the bail bond agency.

Florida bail bond system is not entirely different from other states.

For smaller crimes, people are allowed to post a bail which makes logical sense especially since they are not yet proven guilty yet.

They are allowed to be out of jail provided there is a security bond that will compel them to attend the trial.