Everything About Bail and Bail Bonds in Conroe TX

If you have a friend or a family member who has been picked up by the police for a crime, one of the first steps you should do is figure out how to get them released as soon as possible. This is where bail or a bail bond comes in.


What is bail?

Bail is the monetary value that a judge assigns a person arrested to pay to obtain their release from jail. This is usually a big amount that you pay to the court as an insurance that the defendant will show up for their court appearances.

The money you pay when posting bail will be held by the court for the duration of the trial. Once the court case is over, the amount of bail that you paid will be returned to you as long as the defendant respects the terms for his release on bail.

However, if the person accused of the crime fails to show up in any of his or her court scheduled appearances, the bail money will be forfeited. Not only that, but there will also be a bench warrant that will be issued for their rearrest since they will then be considered fugitives.


What are bail bonds?

Most of the time, bail amounts can be too high to afford. This is why there are bail bonds. They only cost a fraction of the amount of the entire bail making it easier for some to be able to pay.

Bail bonds in Conroe TX are a type of surety bonds that you post to the jail or court to get a person released from jail. You can pay for the whole bail bond amount with a cash bond. This amount will also be returned to you when the case is over as long as the defendant observes the court’s conditions.

Most of the time, even the bail bond amount can be too expensive for a defendant, their family, or friends to afford on their own. In these times, a bail bond company can be your only option. Through the services of a bondsman, you will be able to get a person released from jail as quickly as possible without having to pay such a big amount.


How do you post a bail bond through a bondsman?

Posting bail through a bondsman or bail bond agent is pretty simple. All you have to do is contact a bonding agency to request their services. You’ll need to give them details like where the person arrested is being held before they get on with the paperwork.

The great thing about bail bond agencies is that they are usually open 24 hours a day throughout the year. This means that you won’t have any trouble tracking down a bondsman when you need one.

Once you have contracted a bond agent’s services, they will charge you for their services. This usually means a premium fee which is typically 10% of the entire bail bond amount.

This is non-refundable but way more affordable than the full amount of the bail bond. It is the service fee that the bondsman takes to obtain the release of a defendant from jail.

In some occasions, a bond agreement may need a cosigner or some collateral to be able to be taken on by a bail bond agent.

Being a cosigner will mean that the person will be financially responsible for the entire bail bond amount if the defendant fails to show up in court. But as long as the defendant shows up for the hearings, this shouldn’t be a problem. The collateral you put up for the bond will even be returned once the case is over.