Bail Bonds California – What does bail do?

Bail is the amount of money or surety bond that you pay to the court as an insurance that you will appear in court once you are released from custody.

This is to enable a person to still live their life normally while the court case is going on.


Who can post bail at jail?

You can post your own bail if you have the funds to do so.

Any adult over 18 can pay the full cash amount of bail to release a person from jail.


When will I get the bail money back?

You can get most if not all your cash back after the duration of the case as long as all the conditions of the court are met.

In addition to not earning any interest, your money can take up to 4-6 months to be returned depending on the jurisdiction you are in.

You can’t get your bail money back once you’ve posted it to jail until the court case has ended.

A cash bond is the full amount of bail you pay for a person to get released from jail.


Can I still get the bail money back if the defendant doesn’t show up in court?

Once a bench warrant is issued for the arrest of the defendant, the cash bond goes into default and is forfeited.

If the defendant goes back to jail on his own volition or by the police, this is the only time you’ll have a chance to get your money back.

The bail is forfeited after a duration of 180 days in California.


What bonds are for

Posting a cash bail makes less sense than a bond.

Bail bondsmen are those who act on behalf of surety bond companies and they must be licensed in California by the Department of Insurance.

When a surety company and s bond agency agree to both be cosigners for the full amount of a bail, this is what you call a bail arrangement.


Meaning of a surety bond

When a bail bondsman agrees to post a bond to release a person from jail, this is what you call a surety bond.

When you purchase a bond, the premium is typically 10% of the total bail amount and has to be paid for once a defendant is released from jail.

Surety bonds can only be posted by those who have a license from the Department of Insurance.


Why hiring a bond company can help

You an get a bail bondsman to get you or someone you know out of jail if you are not able to afford the full bond amount yourself.

You may want to hire a bondsman instead of risking your money to bond a person out of jail.

One of the best reasons why buying a bond is more convenient is because it is only a percentage of the total bail amount enabling you to keep most of your money.


What cosigners do

It is also for your own good to help the bondsman find the defendant since you promised their appearance in court.


Will my money or collateral be returned if I use a bond agent?

You can’t refund state fees or premiums.
You can get your collateral back depending on what has been agreed upon by the bail bond agency.


Can premiums be refunded?

The defendant and the cosigner has to pay the bond agency their service premium and any other additional costs that may pertain to the case.

The money will be earned by the bond agency when the defendant is released from jail and it can not be refunded.

This is what happens even if the defendant is found innocent, the case is dropped, etc.


Choosing a bond agent

The level of experience a bond agent has will tell you if they can do what is needed for your case or not.

Experience with the local bail bond processes is the only way a bond agent can learn how to get a person out of jail faster.

Having flexible deals is an important factor in choosing a bond service.

Bail bond agents may have the same fees to charge, but they can differ in how they ask to be paid.

Accessibility is something important to look for in a bondsman.

A bondsman should be available in the time that you need them.