Why Are There Bail Bonds – Austin Tx

The reason why bail bonds exist is because they allow a defendant freedom as long as they attend their court summoning.

It’s a financial promise that is made to the court to ensure the defendant’s presence whenever needed.

If the accused doesn’t do what they agreed to do, the court can arrest them and take away their bail bond.


Does Premium get Returned

You get charged a non-refundable fee from a bail bond company to post a bond to get released from jail.


What’s Collateral?

Money, real estate, jewelry, etc. can be forms of collateral to be deposited in a bail bond company.

Collateral will be kept until the bond has been terminated and the premium has been paid for.


What’s a Cosigners Job

A cosigner is a person who will be in charge of the finances to pay for the entire bail bond if the defendant doesn’t go to a court case.

A cosigner will be held liable to pay for any fees that can happen from a defendant not going to a hearing.

No matter how many cosigners there are, they will all be held liable.
Which means that cash will be taken from one of the cosigners or all of them.


The Length of Time to get Out of Jail

It can take around 15 minutes or less to complete the paperwork.


What Happens to Cash After Posting Bail

The money will be held by the court until the person went to all of the trials.

Money is given back from the court to the bail payer given that the defendant had no issues following the terms of the court and bail bond.

Money gets forfeited and the court will keep a portion if a defendant doesn’t attend their trials.

The bail money gets dispersed throughout the court, law enforcement, etc., depending on what regulations there are.


Why Do I need Bail Agents

The defendant themselves or someone on their behalf with money can post bail.


What if I cant pay for Bail

You are presented with three options if you can’t pay for a 10% premium bond fee.
Borrow money from a good friend or relative to pay for the fee.

However, this can lead to issues if you can’t give them back their money.

You can find bail funds to help you cover the 10% fee for bail bonds with no cost.
Get a quick short term loan that allows you to pay in installments.


The cost of Bail for Types of Crime

The cost of bail will depend on what crimes were committed.

The age of a person, their past, and a record can also affect the cost of bail.

There are some instances where crimes have a standard amount for bail whereas some may be needed to be reviewed by a judge first.


Leaving the State on a Bail Bond

Once bail has been posted, you get to leave the state normally and go where you like as long as the amount has been paid in full.

However, be aware that there are instances where you can’t leave the area, but that will depend on your case.

Regardless of what payment was chosen to post the bail bond, a court order will be done immediately to know what the rules of the defendant’s release will be.

A contract with a bail bond agent may be made if you got released on bail, which may mean you can’t leave the state.