About Us


Our Mission

It is very difficult to predict when you, a friend, or relative will end up in trouble. When you encounter a criminal or civil case and you need to post bail, we can help you out. If you do not have the full amount you need to post bail, you do not have a problem when you come to us. We can help you with a bail bond and you will only need to raise 15% of the total bail amount.


Who We Are

Lions bail bonds is focused on offering quality services to their clients. This is achieved through the following:

  1. Flexibility

We offer bonds for most kinds of crimes. These include domestic violence, drugs, DUI, and several other crimes. Just come to us and we will help you to get your freedom back.


  1. Reliability

Our customer service is really something you can trust. We will guide you through the entire process. Once you come to us, you can always count on us to make it possible. You can us our customer service via phone call during business hours. You can also send us an email or complete our appointment form.


  1. Fast service

We know that you need to post bail as soon as possible. We have made it a point to offer quick services. We will help you to sort out your situation in no time.